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ACE Emergency Funding Downloads






Remember to write your application in a doc before copying across to Grantium - it'll save you untold pain should the portal crash!

Note the character (not word) counts - this character counter is helpful (and recommended by ACE)



For Non NPO org applications:



  • You'll need to submit a cashflow for May/June-Oct (you can show beyond but the ACE funding covers this period only)  - this example template is based on an old ACE one

  • ACE have advised to show your emergency grant income as 90% in May/June (depending on Round) and 10% in October.


Expenditure budgets​

  • You have to upload an expenditure budget into Grantium (as you would for ACE project budgets) - the total for this must match with the amount you're requesting from ACE. Your cashflow can show any other income and expenditure not related to the ACE funding.

  • Your expenditure lines will need to be identified as either "Emergency costs" or "Activity costs".


Round 1:

Thursday 16th April, midday

Round 2:

Thursday 30th April, midday

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