Black Power Desk (Old Vic 12)

This UK Black British musical uses an original score of rap, reggae, soul and R&B to shine a light on a rarely explored part of Black British history. This story of belonging, set against a backdrop of 1970s Notting Hill, is inspired by the true events of London’s Black Power movement, and is an energetic call to arms against racial discrimination within the political system.

Black Power Desk was due to be performed at BEAM2020 - check out the virtual BEAM Twitter pitch here!


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Lesbian Pirates! (Working Birthday)

A new musical based on the untold true story of the ruthless, maverick and lesbian pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read. These women met in the Caribbean in 1717 while cross-dressing as male pirates, fell in love, slaughtered swathes of men, stole treasure and escaped execution from the law. Previously erased from history, this riotous, inspiring and incendiary female narrative uses original music and a cast of disabled performers to bring to life Anne and Mary’s sexy, violent and turbulent world.

Lesbian Pirates! was due to be performed at BEAM2020 - check out the virtual BEAM Twitter pitch here!

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Very Special Guest Star

The third in Tom Wright's hugely successful coming-of-age trilogy, this is a provocative and darkly entertaining exploration of white and middle-class gay privilege.

Following the sold out runs of both Undetectable and My Dad’s Gap Year, this show is building to production in 2021, directed by Rikki Beadle-Blair MBE.

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Live to Tell: (a proposal for) The Madonna Jukebox Musical

Trapped in a disabled body, Brian wants to reinvent himself - just like Madonna. But when real-life survival with HIV clashes with the pop musical form, things change quicker than a Ray of Light...

Development currently supported by artsdepot, with participation programme support from Camden People's Theatre.

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Sharks are Terrorists

An angry tweet results in the accidental emergence of a matriarchy in this darkly comic look at a dystopian Britain. In a divided climate, the personal becomes political, and Emma and Paul can't even find safety in the bomb shelter at the bottom of their garden. At the end of days, do we stand together, or alone?

The screenplay adaptation I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire has won Best Screenplay at Lift-Off Season Awards 2019.

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Eat It (working title)

A drag show for families about playing with your food and loving who you are. 

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